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Necklace Droplet All Gold alt 2
Necklace Droplet All Gold alt 2Deborah Blythe 04 31 05 1822702Necklace Droplet All Gold
Single Droplet Necklace

This handmade Single Droplet Necklace has 1 tiny Sterling silver charm that hangs like a single drop of water from a Sterling silver chain. This is a simple and delicate necklace that looks gorgeous on its own and is also perfect for layering with other necklaces. The charm measures 8mm and the chain length is 41cms ( 16 inches). The necklace is also available in gold plated Sterling silver, the plating is an extra thick 3 microns to ensure durability for lasting wear.

"One tiny water droplet dances, on a river of rushing air..."  Michael James Faulkner

Deborah's passion for swimming and the restorative power of water began as a child living by the sea. Swimming has been her stress reliever; worries dissolve, spirits lift and is where her best ideas are born, pushing through the chilly, silken water. During a recent challenging time the idea for the Oceanus collection emerged from the waves.

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